Watch Repairs

Watch Repair

Tarrytown Jewelers has been providing watch repair service to the trade and individuals for over twenty years. Our staff of European trained watchmakers engage a rigorous work ethic. Most dealer shops need five to seven weeks to complete their work. At Tarrytown Jewelers we offer approximately seven to ten day turn around on the servicing of most watches.

Our prices are considerably lower and most work is done on premises by our master watchmakers. Our watchmakers utilize the latest and most sophisticated equipment to ensure proper waterproofing and timekeeping.

Rolex Watch Repair Service

We service over one thousand Rolex watches a year. When your watch is submitted for service it will be thoroughly examined by one of our skilled technicians and you will be given an estimate of costs for approval. A basic Rolex service is $550.

Cosmetic Re-conditioning

Remember what your Rolex looked like when you received it? Your watch can achieve that "like new" look when you submit it for cosmetic re-finishing by our skilled jewelers. Our jewelers will remove scratches and blemishes and restore your watch to "like new" condition. This same process can be applied to all watches at extremely affordable prices.

Expert watch repair

Watch Repair Service Consists of:

  • Complete disassembly of the watch and thorough cleaning of all parts
  • Thorough lubrication.
  • Replacement of the Mainspring
  • An assessment for worn or defective parts. There is an additional charge for replacement of parts unless under warranty.
  • New gaskets
  • Reassembly
  • Waterproofing and pressure testing using the most modern and sophisticated equipment to ensure that your watch is waterproof.
  • The final stage of the service employs the finest timing device available, which will make certain that your watch keeps good time in a variety of positions.