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Kbhi Kumar
Kbhi K.
21:29 25 Feb 20
This place is a watch enthusiast’s dream. Josh, Steve, and the rest of the team are always a pleasure to work with. Tarrytown has the best selection of timepieces and will always give you a very fair evaluations on trades. Their website is phenomenal and their customer service is also top-notch. I can’t say enough great things about this place
richard statman
richard S.
16:24 19 Feb 20
Fantastic experience. My point person was Susan, who was extremely helpful and responded to all my questions( and I had a lot of questions) promptly and very professionally. The entire transaction was totally seemless. I purchased a beautiful timepiece and traded in a watch of my own. They gave me a very fair price for the trade and I received my new watch in record time. I have bought and sold many luxury watches over the years, and I’ve got to say that Tarrytown is definitely the way to go. I can not recommend any higher
Charles Y.
Charles Y.
09:58 08 Jan 20
Purchased online from out of state. Josh, Nicole, & Linda were all very helpful in answering my questions which facilitated a quick transaction and prompt...
Sam Garg
Sam G.
05:25 31 Dec 19
Bought a Blancpain watch from them last month. As it was my first time purchasing from Tarrytown I asked for several pictures, including some of the movement and several details on the test performance.My expectations were met to the fullest in a professional and courteous manner. Many thanks to Susan and Josh.
Mario N.
Mario N.
10:25 26 Nov 19
Just came in to do a simple watch band resize and the staff was very nice. Didn't take long and I was treated nicely! Would definitely come back to look at...
Aaron Stevens
Aaron S.
05:26 15 Nov 19
Couldn’t be happier w Steven and the crew at Tarrytown jewelers! Even brought a buddy of mine in today with me to purchase some rare timepieces. If your looking for a fair shake with integrity in a tough market to navigate Steve and the team are where you want to be. We will be seeing you guys again soon!
Lisa Stone
Lisa S.
02:10 20 Sep 19
My husband stopped in to check out the selection of watches for a gift for me. He worked with Nicole who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He decided on a beautiful piece and presented it to me the day before my birthday. The watch needed to be sized, so I stopped in to have someone adjust it for me. they were able to do it for me the same day. Everyone, especially Nicole ,were so helpful and courteous. We definitely be back soon!
Richard Han
Richard H.
23:19 18 Sep 19
I'd leave Tarrytown Jewelers 10 stars if I could. Staff was friendly and EXTREMELY patient as it took me 2 hours to finalize my transaction. The watch I wanted wasn't functioning properly but they assured me they could service it and fix the issue. So I paid in full for the expensive watch and walked out of the shop empty handed. That could make anyone nervous!!! Three days later I receive a UPS package with the fully functional watch inside!!! They did a fantastic job fixing the watch and making sure that I'm a satisfied customer. I'm more than satisfied. I love this shop and I'll be back there again and again.
Cheryl Ehrlich
Cheryl E.
01:21 15 Sep 19
I only have wonderful things to say about Tarrytown Jewelers..I love their selections, the people working there are happy to help and are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this jewelry store!! I wouldn't go anywhere else. I trust them completely from start to finish.
Alison Smith
Alison S.
16:58 25 Jul 19
I came here to have two inexpensive pieces of jewelry repaired. The woman there repaired them on the spot and refused to take any money from me. Very pleased!
Kendall T
Kendall T
15:17 16 Jun 19
We have had great experiences at Tarrytown Jewelers. We are slow to make decisions and staff was patient and helpful every time we went in to look at watches. When I wondered about a different version of a particular watch (which they did not have in stock) they researched it and brought it in the store to see if I liked it. Even though we bought a watch they already had in the store - they did not mind the time and trouble they took to bring in the version I wondered about. We recently returned to start another watch search and they have been extremely helpful and happy to work with us - knowing it will be a long time to decision!
Robert Hebron
Robert H.
21:03 05 Jun 19
I want to begin by thanking Ricki for all of her patience and kind help. They were able to arrange for me to pick my watch up in the city, when I opened my watch there was a hand written thank you note. I cannot overstate how important it is to me to feel like I am being taken care of when I am spending $1,000s on a luxury item. My 1999 Rolex 15210 literally looks like it is brand new. They had set the time and date for me, offered an extended warranty, and gave me a wonderful box. I purchased the watch for hundreds less than I was able to find anywhere else. Again, I cannot overstate how happy I am. I will not look anywhere else when I am ready for my next watch. Call and ask for Ricki, she will take care of you.THANK YOU.
Rob H.
Rob H.
14:14 05 Jun 19
I want to begin by thanking Ricki for all of her patience and kind help. They were able to arrange for me to pick my watch up in the city, when I opened my...
Matthew Scarpa
Matthew S.
14:02 05 Jun 19
Very fair offers on trade ins. Highly recommend them! Great selection of watches also!
Gary Blum
Gary B.
19:43 13 May 19
If you take your Rolex anywhere else for repairs you're probably going to get ripped off. After recently having the dial on my datejust switched out, condensation appeared on the crystal. I was gobsmacked when they not only replaced the crystal for free, but returned my watch buffed to a high luster. Anyone who owns more than one rolex knows nothing is for free... So I've either fell through a worm hole or came upon a wonderful find. An honest and fair Jeweler.
Thomas Consoli
Thomas C.
16:48 12 May 19
Awesome Service and communication. thank you steve.
Lee V
Lee V
23:58 10 May 19
Very good service from Steve and his family run jewelry store! Went to look for a Rolex Datejust and had what I wanted, like new and avoided the snobbery you get at the upscale jewelry stores.
Darren Lavallee
Darren L.
20:16 07 Mar 19
Fantastic customer service and an incredible selection of luxury watches!
marie-elena corrado
marie-elena C.
18:56 25 Feb 19
Excellent customer service, great selection of quality watches. Highly recommend!
Matt Pam
Matt P.
22:31 21 Sep 18
Very nice people. Great prices. Excellent quality.
ricki fisher
ricki F.
12:53 21 Aug 18
Excellent customer service and fair prices for quality watches.
Thomas Devaney
Thomas D.
13:36 12 Aug 18
Good service
Victor L
Victor L
03:34 12 Jun 18
Excellent service, good communication and fast shipping. Watch was exactly as advertised. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Jennifer for all your help.
Ratt Lin
Ratt L.
00:54 09 Feb 18
I would not dream of going anywhere else!
Rebecca Co
Rebecca C.
17:06 25 Jan 18
I took a drive from NJ to see an item I admired online. Not knowing what to expect when I arrived, the store is very secure. There’s a nice selection of new and gently used as well as some antique/vintage pieces, but many, many watches! I couldn’t believe how busy it was for a late Saturday afternoon. Finally, a young lady name Jen assisted me and was very pleasant and professional while showing me what I had hoped to purchase. Although it was almost closing time, I didn’t feel rushed, but rather asked to take my time on making an important purchase. All things aside, I walked out with a beautiful piece at a fair price and a very content customer. Nowadays, it’s extremely difficult to find exceptional customer service, but Tarrytown Jewelers still carries that in their small business. Thank you again, Jen.
Stanley Marx
Stanley M.
21:28 12 Jan 18
I have been an avid watch collector for over 40 years. It is in recent months that my business has taken me to the Westchester area and had been lucky enough to have heard the praises of Tarrytown Jewelers, Mr. Steve Dubinsky and his staff. I am happy to report that all the good things I had heard among the other obsessive compulsives' of the "watch collecting world" were true! In the past I had frequented one of the most "renowned" Mid- Manhattan watch dealers, and that experience had been dubious to say the least. I have found the honesty, caring, knowledgeable and considerate business like manner of the team at Tarrytown Jewelers a "Breath of Fresh Air!" All this combined with an expansive inventory of both current model and vintage watches are a collectors dream.All I can add is "JOB WELL DONE !!" In the frenetic, compulsive, and somewhat obsessive world of collecting, where "the next find" is the "best find" Tarrytown Jewelers is indeed a "rare and unusual gem" and a fabulous find !!
Brandon Zeigler
Brandon Z.
22:06 31 Dec 17
Steve is the best....
Nick Zee
Nick Z.
23:40 25 Nov 17
Awesome Rolex collection and amazing team at Tarrytown Jewelers. Jen assisted me and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I highly recommend this place.
Ron Dee
Ron D.
14:55 02 Sep 17
I have been doing business with Tarrytown Jewelers when they were in Tarrytown, it's been well over 30 years. The owner Steve is a gem (pun intended) himself as well as his employees. With all that I have bought from him as well as traded he has always offered me fair prices in a very professional environment. I never worried about buying a piece from Steve because I knew he would always stand behind the product and even more importantly his word. Rest assured when dealing with Steve you're dealing with a first class guy in an industry where trust is ones main concern.
Andrea Valerio
Andrea V.
11:12 25 Jul 17
I have had multiple purchasing experiences at Tarrytown Jewelers, starting in 2009 when I moved to the USA. I can't remember a bad one of them. All positive, even joyful I might say. I look at watches as fun but at times as investment as well, and I help friends with their own choices. I'd say I transact 3-5 watches per month in average, so it is a quite strong passion... Steve (the owner), his daughter Jennifer and their Senior specialists Josh, together with the rest of the staff, are simply wonderful people. Easy to work with, flexible in discussing matters and arranging for deals and services for myself and my friends. My experiences have always been as close to flawless as it can come for objects of high value like current-line, modern or vintage watches. Steve always seem to care that the buying experience is a happy one, and that my friends and I are satisfied with our transactions. It is not uncommon for me to change my mind on some of the watches I bought, and he is always open to exchange them for others and proposing creative alternatives. Tarrytown's portfolio is not only amazing on the "existing" stock, but I have found them close to unbeatable in price when I want to locate a new watch from pretty much any of the key brands; their network of dealers is amazing after so many years in the business, and they can find whatever I want from their Authorized Dealers' network. Also, some of the high-end Rolex's and PP's (vintage ones, I mean) are becoming more and more elusive, and risky in terms of originality, swapped parts etc etc, and therefore having a dealer who offers great choices + full recourse becomes as paramount as wanting the watch to start with. I trust the people at Tarrytown and I am sure I'll continue to use their services for a long time to come.
John Park
John P.
18:04 24 Jul 17
I purchased a perfect JLC grand reverso from Steve and his team and I have to say that my experience with him prior to purchase and the service afterwards has been exceptional! I am actually going back to purchase another rolex this week and looking forward to picking it up. The tarrytown team is very professional and I highly recommend them!
Gary Wagner
Gary W.
17:46 16 May 17