Over the last twenty five years, Tarrytown Jewelers has been recognized as one of the leaders in the watch and jewelry industry. Our many satisfied customers are a true testament to the honesty, integrity, and quality that is Tarrytown Jewelers. 

Perhaps the greatest accolade to our standing in the jewelry community, was our recent alliance with Sothebys.com, the on-line auction site of the prestigious auction house, Sothebys. As a sign of the times, Sothebys a venerable and storied institution began auctions on the internet, selling jewelry and objects d’art. 

In order to facilitate a greater viewing audience and the volume expected in entering into the on-line auction market, Sothebys chose a few select individuals with expertise in their fields with the capacity to critique and catalog items to be offered at their auctions on-line. With our knowledge and credentials, Sothebys chose Tarrytown Jewelers as a partner in their on-line venture, trusting our experience and ability to submit items into Sothebys auctions without requiring Sothebys in-house experts to inspect them prior to auction. This alone speaks volumes for itself.


Although we are buyers of watches and jewelry at the highest prices (see How to sell to us), often where a purchase might not be made for any number of reasons, Tarrytown Jewelers offers a viable option of consignment, whereby we will sell the item at an agreed upon price for the customer and taking a commission for the sale. This may in the long run yield a higher price, yet it may take time and there is no guarantee the the item will definitely sell. At Tarrytown Jewelers, consignments fall under one of two categories.

  1. When the consignment is held and offered for sale by Tarrytown Jewelers.
  2. When the consignment is to be submitted for auction at Sothebys.com.

In the case of the former, a receipt with a description is given for the article and the item is tendered for sale at a price agreeable to the customer. When the consignment is offered for sale at Sothebys.com, it will be photographed and catalogued and submitted on-line for auction at a price agreed upon with the customer. The item may be held by the customer during the auction period.

Our association with Sothebys.com has enabled us to offer watches and jewelry at perhaps the most prestigious on-line auctions in the world. At Sothebys auctions, there is a flat rate photography fee and cataloging fee, and finally should the item sell; a 10% commission on the hammer price. As a Sothebys.com associate, Tarrytown Jewelers will take items on consignment, and at no extra charge will photograph and catalog the item (a significant savings as compared to Sothebys auctions, and a win win situation where your item will be viewed by millions and at no cost to you), and only if the item sells do we apply the standard 10% commission of Sothebys.

For more information on consigning with Tarrytown Jewelers