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Rolex Sport

  • Explorer II
  • Ref#: 16570 T
  • Inv#: 52318w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $5,400.00
  • Sea-Dweller Deepsea
  • Ref#: 116660
  • Inv#: 52131w
  • Retail: $12,050.00
  • Price: $12,000.00
  • Daytona
  • Ref#: 116523
  • Inv#: 52150w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $12,500.00
  • Sea-Dweller
  • Ref#: 16600
  • Inv#: 52063w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $7,500.00
  • Daytona
  • Ref#: 116520
  • Inv#: 52151w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $15,900.00
  • Yacht-Master
  • Ref#: 16628
  • Inv#: 52099w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $19,350.00
  • GMT Master II
  • Ref#: 16710
  • Inv#: 51958w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $9,950.00
  • Daytona
  • Ref#: 116500LN
  • Inv#: 52213w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $20,900.00
  • Yacht-Master
  • Ref#: 168622
  • Inv#: 52137w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $5,975.00
  • GMT Master
  • Ref#: 16700
  • Inv#: 51955w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $8,250.00
  • Sea-Dweller James Cameron
  • Ref#: 116660
  • Inv#: 51830w
  • Retail: $12,250.00
  • Price: $13,800.00
  • Yacht-Master II
  • Ref#: 116680
  • Inv#: 51979w
  • Retail: $18,750.00
  • Price: $14,750.00

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  • Ref#:
  • Inv#:
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: Contact us for price

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In terms of sheer volume, no watch company enjoys the sales activity of Rolex. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1878 Rolex created the famous oyster case, the first truly waterproof case in 1926 and the self winding movement in 1931. Combining these two major horological feats results in the famous oyster perpetual Rolex watch which enjoys considerable use and acclaim world wide. You can choose from a large array of watches ranging from the rugged and durable steel sport models such as the Submariners and GMT masters to the handsome and elegant gents and ladies datejust and presidential models in steel, steel and 18k gold, gold and platinum. Our collection of pre-owned Rolex watches is one of the largest and diverse in existence. Our Collection of pre-owned Rolex watches is one of the most extensive in the world. Each watch has been meticulously serviced both internally and cosmetically by our staff of watchmakers and is accompanied by our one year warranty. There are a variety of Rolex Sport watches in our inventory. Tne Submariner in all 18K gold, in Steel/18K and in stainless which comes with and without a date. The Sea-Dweller comes in all stainless as does the Explorer I and II. The Yachtmaster like the Submariner with it's nautical connection comes in all 18K gold, Steel/18K and more recently in steel with a Platinum bezel and dial. This particular model is the only Sport watch available from Rolex in Gents, Mid-size and Ladies. The GMT I and II which has a two time zone function, comes in all 18K, steel/18K and all Steel with different bracelets, crystals depending on year of manufacture. Perhaps the most well known model is the Daytona with Chronograph functions, with earlier models being some of the most collectible watches today. This striking model comes in all 18K, Steel/18K and all Steel. From the depths of the sea to the high altitudes, to the Speedtracks, there is a Rolex Sport watch for everyone.