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  • Cape Cod
  • Ref#: CC1.230
  • Inv#: 51216w
  • Retail: NA
  • Price: $5,200.00
  • Hermes Glissade
  • Ref#:
  • Inv#: 32291w
  • Retail: $19,650.00
  • Price: $8,500.00

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While Hermes may be synonymous with Couture Fashion, and Designer Clothes and accesories, their foray into the watch industry has infused a breath of fresh air into the watch market. Chic, Sporty and Elegant, their lines that include the trendy Cape Cod and the stylish Medor to the more Classical Heure H watch, each Hermes timepiece is finely crafted and a great fashion statement.

Hermes began as a Parisian saddle shop in 1837. Genuine Hermes products were praised from the very beginning, earning awards for quality and innovation. Hermes tried its hand at creating clothing in the early 20th century, introducing the first leather golf jacket in 1918. Authentic Hermes handbags soon followed in 1922. These products gave Hermes a strong foundation and robust following, which has led to a plethora of amazing genuine Hermes products. In the 1950s and 60s, Hermes began producing men's watches, women's watches and jewelry. Early Hermes watches offered style for everyone, from art deco watches to classic leather creations. Vintage bracelet watches from Hermes were considered some of the most fashionable women's wristwatches of their time, and antique Hermes watches are valuable collector's pieces today. Men's watches and women's watches from Hermes always strike a balance between being trendy and being classic. This means they are great fashion investment pieces; they will always fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and into your life. One notable women's Hermes watch is the Barenia model, which features a long leather strap that is wrapped around the wrist twice. The Barenia watch showcases what Hermes has always been known for: quality materials, current style and timeless design.

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